Voicing Abbreviations

Below are the abbreviations Prelude uses for Voicing Detail. Use these when searching the Voicing/Instrumentation field in the More Options search.

5: quintet

4: quartet

acc: accompaniment

bar: baritone

bng: bongos

br4: brass quartet

br5: brass quintet

bsn: bassoon

cant: cantor

ch: chimes

cl: clarinet

congregation: use “assembly”

cont: continuo

cym: cymbal

DB: double or string bass

dbl: double

desc: descant

div: divisi

drm: drum

eng hrn: English horn

fc: finger cymbals

fl: flute

glock: glockenspiel

gtr: guitar

hb: handbells

hc: handchimes

hp: harp

hpd: harpsichord

hrn: horn

inst: instrument

kybd: keyboard

M: medium

MH: medium high

ML: medium low

mxd: mixed

narr: narrator:

ob: oboe

oct: octave

opt: optional

orch: orchestra

org: organ

perc: percussion

picc: piccolo

pno: piano<

pt: part (e.g. “2 pt” – no hyphen)

rec: recorder

sax: saxophone

sop: soprano

str: strings

synth: synthesizer

tamb: tambourine

tba : tuba

tbn: trombone

tpt: trumpet

timp: timpani

trbl: treble

tri: triangle

U: unison

vc : violoncello

vcs: voices

vla: viola

vln: violin

wch: windchimes

ww: woodwind

xyl : xylophone: