How do I include music I or my church owns in a Prelude plan?

Every church and every musician has their own library of music, and Prelude allows you to use that in Library searches and in planning as well.

Prelude offers you a My Library & a My Church’s Library. “My Library” is for music you own yourself. “My Church’s Library” is for music owned by the church.

You can add a single work to either one of these libraries by going to the Account Page and clicking on either of these Library titles on the left. Use the “Add Listing” button at the right, or the large blue “Add music to this list” button at the bottom. Fill in the form that appears, and you’re done.

You can add a single work to a Plan by clicking on the “Add music to this list” button at the bottom of your Plan Details list. This works exactly the same as in your Library listings.

If you want to add a whole catalog listing of musical works to either of there libraries, go to the Account Page, to either of these libraries, and follow the instructions there. You can read more about that process here.