Uploading to Your Libraries

Every user in Prelude has access to two of their own libraries: My Library & My Church’s Library. Adding your lists and files to these libraries allows you to use these works in your Plans in addition to works from Prelude’s Library.

Uploading a Single Work

There are several places where you can add a single work to My Library or My Church’s Library. At the bottom of every Plan is a large button that reads, “Add music to this list.” Click on this button and an overlay will appear for you to fill out with the information about the work.

Watch the Tutorial Video!

Uploading a List of Works

You can add an entire list of works by clicking on the “Download Template” button, filling out that form. The template you download includes instructions in the right-most columns – do pay attention to these! When you’ve filled out the form import it using the middle green button, “import CSV.”

Watch the Tutorial Video!

Adding a Digital File to a Library item

Once you’ve filled out the basic information about an item on this overlay, or at any time thereafter, you can upload one or more digital files – scans, audio files, etc. Go to the Preview panel of the overlay.

  • Choose a File Type from the drop-down. Pick the one that basically describes the kind of work that you’re uploading a file for.
  • Next, click the Choose File button and navigate to the file you want to upload, on your local computer or network. (Hint: you can also drag and drop a file here!)
  • Click the green Upload button to complete the process.

You can add as many files as you wish to any work. They will appear in the list of Preview Files at the left of the lower half of this panel. Note that only the files types listed above the “upload” button will be able to be previewed in Prelude; even if the file won’t preview you can still use it in your Plans and download it whenever you like.