Using Prelude Metadata in Your Libraries

Prelude’s search is so powerful because there’s a lot of metadata behind each musical work — information like keywords, voicing detail, multiple contributors, key, difficulty level, and more.

Wouldn’t it be great if works in My Library or My Church’s Library could be just as findable? 

Prelude’s “Match It” process allows you to search Prelude’s library for the same or similar title, 
and copy Prelude’s metadata onto your Library items, so your works are just a richly findable as Prelude’s!
It’s easy:

  1. Click “Match It” on any item in your Libraries
  2. Find the best match in Prelude’s Library
  3. Choose what Prelude data you want to copy to your item
  4. Click “Match It” to finish!{br}
    The process works the same in My Library or My Church’s Library.

Here are fully-detailed instructions, following the 4-step process above:

1. On each musical work in either of your Library lists you’ll see a blue “Match It” button. Click this button on the item in your Library where to want to start the process.

2. Prelude opens a new browser tab or window, and shows you search results against the Title of the item (musical work) you chose. At the top of this page you’ll see the existing information about your item. Just like elsewhere in Prelude, you can click on the item’s Title to bring up the Details overlay, where you can edit all the information about this item.

Below the ‘Your Item’ display you’ll see a list of “Match Results.” These are sorted, like in the Planner, by relevance and then alphabetically by Title. In this case “relevance” means how many words from the Title of your item match each result. This list can be sorted and browsed the same as the Planner’s Search Results.

3. When you find a result that you want to gather metadata from, look at the panel on the left. Here is where you choose which data you want to copy to your Library item, from the Prelude result you found, and whether you want to add it onto your data or replace your data.

For each data field listed on the left of this panel:

  • Choose the left-hand button if you want to ignore the Prelude item’s data.
  • Choose the middle button if you want Prelude’s data to completely replace what you have.
  • Choose the right-hand button if you want Prelude’s data to be added to your data.

At the top of each column of buttons is “Select All.” Click this once to select all options in that column, and click again to un-select them.

4. Once you have these the way you want, click the “Match It” button on the search results you want data from. Done!

When you’ve completed this process (whether you find a match and grab some data or not) you can move to the next or previous item in your Library list by using the blue arrow buttons at the right of the ‘Your Item’ area. This will start the process again (at step 2 above) on your next/previous item.

There’s no limit to how often you can do this process on any given work in your Libraries. 

How do you know what’s been done? On every item in your Libraries you’ll see a small indicator, toward the right, that shows whether you’ve tried to match that item with anything in the Prelude Library. This indicator is light-colored if you haven’t tried (yet); it’s green when you’ve tried and made a match; it’s red if you’ve tried to find a match but couldn’t.