Planner Page Overview

The Planner Page is where you do all of your work in Prelude. It combines the full Library, planning tools, and enriching Commentary content in a simple interface.

Library/Plans panel

On the left is a two-tab panel allowing you to search the libraries in Prelude – the Prelude Library, My Church’s Library, and My Library – and work on your music planning. Simply use the two tabs at the top to toggle back and forth. Prelude will keep your work on either tab as you switch back and forth, so don’t worry about losing your place.

Read more about these by visiting the Help pages for Library Search and Plans.

Search Results/Plan Details panel

The main area of this page is another two-tab panel, where you see your search results and work on the contents of one of your Plans. Just like the Library/Plans panel, your work will remain untouched as you toggle back and forth between Search Results and Plan Details.

Read more about these by visiting the Help pages for Search Results and Plan Details.


Along the bottom of this page is an area that can enrich your work on a given lectionary day. Simply click on the “Commentary” tab and this panel will scroll into view. Click on the tab again to scroll it back to the bottom of the screen.

Read more about this area by visiting the Help page for Commentary.

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