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If you have a question, an idea, or need help with please send an email to our software support team at or call (800) 328-4648, Monday through Friday, from 8:00 am to 4:30 pm (Central Time).

Prelude Music Planner Privacy Policy

Augsburg Fortress is committed to protecting your privacy. This privacy policy covers Augsburg Fortress’ treatment of personally identifiable information that is collected by Augsburg Fortress when you are at the PRELUDE Web site. About Us Augsburg Fortress (“Publisher”) created, maintains and operates the PRELUDE Web site (the “Site”) as a . . . Read more

Terms of Use

The Casual Version The Legal Version Welcome to Prelude Music Planner. Your membership has been arranged by your church with Augsburg Fortress (the “Publisher”) to give you access to texts, music, and other items on the PRELUDE Web site (“Materials”). This registration section contains some information and rules for all . . . Read more

Voicing Abbreviations

Below are the abbreviations Prelude uses for Voicing Detail. Use these when searching the Voicing/Instrumentation field in the More Options search. 5: quintet 4: quartet acc: accompaniment bar: baritone bng: bongos br4: brass quartet br5: brass quintet bsn: bassoon cant: cantor ch: chimes cl: clarinet congregation: use “assembly” cont: continuo . . . Read more

How often is Prelude data backed up so it’s not lost?

Especially if you upload lists of your music and your church’s music, knowing that your work will be there always is important. Prelude data is backed up every hour to a separate hard drive, then daily to a separate tape backup, which is taken to a different site weekly. We . . . Read more

How Prelude Works

Prelude is intended to help all the musicians who plan music for worship, by providing a large and easy-to-use library, and simple, intuitive planning tools. Users You can have as many Users on your Prelude account as you’d like. Since Prelude is intended for music planners there’s no need to put every . . . Read more