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Hymnal Abbreviations

Here are the abbreviations you should use when searching for a hymn by its hymnal and hymn number (ex: ELW 525). You can use this in the basic Title/Keywords/Hymn Number search field in Prelude’s search area. ELW: Evangelical Lutheran WorshipACS: All Creation SingsLLC: Libro de Liturgia y CánticoTFF: This Far . . . Read more

Details Overlay

The Details overlay appears whenever you click on a Title to a musical work, whether you’re in the Planner looking at search results, or looking at a work within Plan Details, or editing the data on an item in My Library or My Church’s Library.  If the work you’re looking at is from . . . Read more

Using Prelude Metadata in Your Libraries

Prelude’s search is so powerful because there’s a lot of metadata behind each musical work — information like keywords, voicing detail, multiple contributors, key, difficulty level, and more. Wouldn’t it be great if works in My Library or My Church’s Library could be just as findable?  Prelude’s “Match It” process . . . Read more

Uploading to Your Libraries

Every user in Prelude has access to two of their own libraries: My Library & My Church’s Library. Adding your lists and files to these libraries allows you to use these works in your Plans in addition to works from Prelude’s Library. Uploading a Single Work There are several places where . . . Read more

My Library & My Church’s Library

Your Libraries “My Library” is your own personal music library. Only you can add, edit, or delete works from this list. Only you will be able to find these works in a search, and only you will be able to put them into Plans. (Once placed in a Plan, anyone . . . Read more

How do I download copies of music from Prelude?

Prelude helps you plan your music ministry more quickly and more easily than ever, thanks to its huge Library and the smart search tools that help you explore quickly and flexibly. Watch the Tutorial Videohere. It’s all found on the Planner Page. All of the search tools are found on the left side, on . . . Read more

Library Search

Watch the Tutorial Video here! Prelude’s Library contains thousands of items for you to use in your worship. Prelude’s search also includes any works you’ve added to My Library or My Church’s Library. Search is really important. Prelude’s search is really flexible.  Search by Calendar Date Click in this box to simply . . . Read more