Getting Started

You’ve probably already seen the help overlays that appear the first time you go to a page on Prelude. You can see them again by pressing the Esc key on your keyboard.

Prelude provides you with great tools for searching and planning, but a little bit of set-up will help you do your work much more easily.
Here are some tips for getting started:

  1. Go to the Account area (click “Account” in the top navigation bar).
  2. Complete your Profile. Note especially the Security Question and Security Answer: if you forget your password the site will ask you this question and if you answer correctly it will send your password to you via email. Also, answer the COPPA Compliance question at the bottom. It’s important.
  3. Go to the Services, Musicians, and Labels area here. Each of the areas on this page will save you tons of time. Trust us on this one. Learn more here.
  4. Go to the Users area here. Add anyone else who assists you in planning music at your church. You’ll have to give them a user name and password; be sure to send that along to them!
  5. Go to the Licenses area here. Enter the relevant information about which copyright licenses your church owns. When planning hymns the site will check this list, and if you don’t have the right license it’ll include a letter requesting legal permission to make copies; if you do have the right license it’ll leave this out. Read more about this here.

To help you get going creating your own Plans in Prelude, we’ve set you up with My First Plan. You’ll find this in the Planner, under the Plans tab. This is just an example of what a Plan looks like and how it works.

That’s it! Now you can get busy and get the most out of Prelude, so you can get back to making music!